A Wonderful Night with the San Jose Symphony

I am a teacher by profession, and my boyfriend works as an engineer in Silicon Valley. We met through common friends and have been inseparable ever since. I love how he can be quirky sometimes, and he likes how passionate I am with the kids I teach. Together, we share many of the same interests which connect us in every way.

One thing we have in common is that we share the same passion for classical music. His iPod is flooded with music from great classical artists such as Mozart and Bach, and I happen to have quite a few of their masterpieces too. During weekends, we spend our time together, he reading a novel and I doing the chores while classical music is playing on the stereo. Sometimes we would sit on the couch all day long and talk about random things while listening to our favorite Mozart songs.

My boyfriend and I have always had a zest for the classics, and during our first year anniversary, he surprised me with a date to the gorgeous California Theatre. Although we have passed the area several times, the place seemed unfamiliar during this time. The Neolithic architecture was grandiose and the signage sticking out of the building was more than thrilling.

We made our way to the entrance in Market Street, and my heart was pounding with excitement. San Jose Symphony would be playing with an array of classical music, and Mozart was in their repertoire. This was a delightful first year anniversary with my boyfriend and something that I will not surely forget.

The California theater is a historic auditorium that has been maintained well and even restored at one point. Once inside, you are greeted with beautiful Neolithic elements from the hanging chandeliers to the wall decors. Even the entrance is as lavish as the entire building.

What makes it especially enjoyable is the coziness of the place and the warmth of the atmosphere. Everyone in their tuxedos and dresses made the night truly exceptional. The sound of the orchestra and the smile on everyone’s faces was something worth remembering.

The one downside to our evening was that our car broke down.  Fortunately, we found a great towing service that was really fast and got our car taken care of quickly so we could make our performance.  We arrived just on time.  Overall, it was a beautiful night to remember and something that will be engraved for a long time in my mind.